Home work- Can you write about the changes to Heaton Park over time?

                  The changes to Heaton Park over


Heaton Park is a park that became popular in several months. This park is open to the citizens, based in Manchester, England, that uses up a vast area approximately 600 to 650 acres! Along with this, it had 21 roads by it, which you could use to enter the park, adding to the size.

Heaton Park is famous for many things including: having army camps there during WW1; Heaton Hall being built by Sir Thomas Egerton ( in 1772 ); and a place to remember historical events- such as the Gunpowder Plot.

During 1772, Sir Thomas Egerton contracted the popular architect, James Wyatt to rebuild the existing house.In the 1870s, the population of the East End of Newcastle was growing rapidly and a need for additional space was acknowledged.

Heaton Hall remained in the possession of the Egerton’s, until 1902 when the park was bought by Manchester Corporation and Addison Potter for £230,000, the rest they didn’t have. When Addison Potter of Heaton Hall put some land up for sale, the Corporation bought 22.5 acres at a cost of £12,562 and William Armstrong gave a similar amount to enable a 46-acre park to be created.

In 1912, work began on the grounds of the park, due to war was about to break out…World War 1 started on 28th July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918.WW1 ( short for World War 1 ) was announced to start, so Manchester Corporation thought they would help out and do their part. The park had army camps there, training bases and trenches.

Many people think they liked doing their part because yet again, they changed their grounds to suit the British army for World War 2.When the Second World War broke out, they built more trenches, built hospitals on site and made, even more, training bases. This actually helped the park become more popular.

In 2002, the park was renovated using over £10 million. With this money, they built an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a boating lake, an animal farm, a pitch and putt course, a golf driving range, woodlands, ornamental gardens, an observatory and an adventure playground. Also built in 2002 was the only flat green bowling area in Manchester.

Since 20002, no changes have been made to the actual park, other than the wall surrounding it (which has been made higher). The only other change is that Middleton Road, running along the side of the park, has been made wider.


home work- Can you research different types of circuits?

                          Different types of circuit

Have you ever wondered how a vacuum works, a light switch, or the television? Have you ever wondered how electric gets to what ever you are you are using so quickly? The electricity goes through circuits.


What do circuits work?

Circuits are like a path ways of wires that electricity can flow through.  A battery, or a power source provides voyage, allowing electrons to move. Then, This would then allow whatever is using this power, to work. When you switch on a light switch, or use the vacuum cleaner, you know how it works.

Different circuits

There are two different types of circuits. One is called a series circuit and the other is called a parallel circuit.

A series circuitShows a circuit with a battery and two lamps connected in series.

A series circuit is similar to a series on the TV. Just like you get episode, after episode, you get components one after the other. If you put more than one light in a series circuit, the lights would be dimmer than if you had just the one light bulb.

This type of circuit is useful, if you want to know if one of the components has stopped working. You would know this as for, if one of the components stop working, then the circuit will be broken and the rest of the components will stop working. It uses less wiring than a parallel circuit.

A parallel circuitShows a circuit with a battery and two lamps connected in parallel

Parallel circuits have more than one path for electricity to flow through. No matter how many lights you add, unlike the series circuit, the lights do not dim, or change.

Also unlike the the series circuit, if one of the components break, or blow up, the rest of the bulbs continue to work fine, without being affected.

That is what makes parallel circuits so useful and helpful , if you want everything to work, even if one light failed. This is why most home are fully wired up with parallel circuits.  


Home work 6M- Can you explain how the eye works?

                         How does the human eye work?                                    By Kimberley Hanson

 The eye is actually a muscle and if you look close enough you will see mini cells( like the blood cells ) in your Iris( the coloured ring that is created by Pigment Melanin in your body. The more Pigment you have in your body, the more chance you have of having dark brown eyes, or hazel eyes. ) Out of all of our senses, we rely the most on our sight.

What do eyes help us do and allow us to do?

In one glance, or even a fraction of a second, your eyes allow you to see different colours, with help from your brain. Your brain is connected to your eyes by cells and vessels.

allow us to see things close and far away, read books, see things that are heading our way- such as a soft ball- and also allow us to focus on the things that we look at. They also allow us to see nature and its beautiful animals and insects that come along with it.

So, how does the eye actually work?

eye diagram web

The way the eye works is pretty simple. When light shines on the Pupil, it goes to you Lens behind your eye, which then projects an image to your brain.

If there is a lot of light, it makes your Iris and your Pupil shrink in size, due to your eyes are fragile, just like they are squinting. The exact opposite thing happens when there is little amounts of light. Your Pupil will go bigger, just like it is straining to see thing that are in the darkness.

Learning Ambassador Challenge:Reply

One day a confident,villainous super villain zoomed down the road, flying. What was she up to?

HA!HA!HA! SURPRISE! I am that good  bad super villain (in-training). I am about to commit the worst most famous crime in villain ALL HISTORY!!! That will knock my ‘famous’ brother off his feet! Can you BELIEVE he became a SUPERHERO!? 


How DARE he still show his face in front of our family and STILL live by our family name (Roadkill)!? Mother and father took over the WORLD to teach us how to rule and guess who stopped them!? (OF COURSE IT’S MY BROTHER, WHO ELSE!?) 

Anyway, I’m still here to finish mother and father’s plan and finish my brother off. And guess who I play?

You would’ve never guessed but…..

His goody-two shoes sidekick!

By Ivy Roadkill

Renewable and non renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is when the energy can be used again and again. The three types of renewable energies are hydro, solar and wind. Solar energy is when solar panels get the heat from the Sun and turn it into electricity, so that’s how we get electricity. Solar energy never runs out because the Sun is heating it all the time. Solar energy gives us 10% of our overall energy. Wind energy is when a wind  turbine is spinning it’s blades and the magnets inside of it spin around too. This is wind energy. Wind energy gives us 40% of our overall power. If there is no Sun or no wind one day then that’s when hydro energy comes in. Hydro energy is when a flowing river or stream goes down a pipe and then a water turbine spins the water around and creates electricity.This gives us 50% of our energy.

Non renewable energy

Most of our electricity comes from power stations that use fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to make the energy. This is called non renewable energy because you can’t make any more of it and it will eventually run out. Unfortunately, burning fossil fuels produce gases like carbon dioxide and methane which may cause global warming.

The golden eagle


The golden eagle prefers open areas with no trees . Because of the climate in western Scotland, these upland conditions are present down to sea level and golden eagles are found in places lower , than in central Scotland. Golden eagles are sensitive to human disturbance and build their nests in bare places. Their territories range in size from 5 – 150 km2. In some areas of Scotland, the breeding density is in the highest in the world and territories are very small. Golden eagles in Scotland do not go traveling and will remain in their breeding territories throughout the year. Young and non-breeding birds avoid occupied territories in their search for suitable breeding


Golden eagles take 3 years to reach maturity and normally do not start breeding until they are 4 – 5 years old. The breeding season continues almost all year. The females starts to lay 1 – 3 eggs in early to mid April and keeps them warm for about 43 days.


When they are hatched, the young spend 9 – 11 weeks in the nest before making their first flight. More often than not, only one chick will survive to leave the nest. It is still not fully understood whether this is because of a lack of food or competition between the young birds.
Young birds will remain in their parents’ territory into the early winter months, begging for food for as long as the adult will continue to feed them. In birds of prey, up to 60 – 70% of all young that leave the nests will not survive their first winter. This figure is probably significantly lower for large raptors such as golden eagles, but a young eagle faces a life or death struggle through its first winter. After surviving that first year, a young eagle may well then live for more than 20 years.

Golden eagles will take any prey that is available, from small birds to snakes. In Scotland, they prefer hares and grouse, and sometimes rabbits. In coastal areas, they prefer fulmars to gulls.


Into the forest

Late one night in Manchester a boy called Jeff had a nightmare.As he hiden underneath his duvet  and he stayed there until the next morning.

As soon as his mum woke up he followed hear ,like a little dog.Later that morning he had a full English breakfast and it was delicious.Then he was taken to the front door bascase he (Jeff)had to deliver some sweet treats for his grandma.

On Jeffs way their out off nowear a random person with a cow came called Jack.He was trying to sell him a cow ,but he reajeced it  then he saw a cottage in the middle of the woods .As he creaped towords it a shadow glided past him…..Then he froze……….