home work- Can you research different types of circuits?

                          Different types of circuit

Have you ever wondered how a vacuum works, a light switch, or the television? Have you ever wondered how electric gets to what ever you are you are using so quickly? The electricity goes through circuits.


What do circuits work?

Circuits are like a path ways of wires that electricity can flow through.  A battery, or a power source provides voyage, allowing electrons to move. Then, This would then allow whatever is using this power, to work. When you switch on a light switch, or use the vacuum cleaner, you know how it works.

Different circuits

There are two different types of circuits. One is called a series circuit and the other is called a parallel circuit.

A series circuitShows a circuit with a battery and two lamps connected in series.

A series circuit is similar to a series on the TV. Just like you get episode, after episode, you get components one after the other. If you put more than one light in a series circuit, the lights would be dimmer than if you had just the one light bulb.

This type of circuit is useful, if you want to know if one of the components has stopped working. You would know this as for, if one of the components stop working, then the circuit will be broken and the rest of the components will stop working. It uses less wiring than a parallel circuit.

A parallel circuitShows a circuit with a battery and two lamps connected in parallel

Parallel circuits have more than one path for electricity to flow through. No matter how many lights you add, unlike the series circuit, the lights do not dim, or change.

Also unlike the the series circuit, if one of the components break, or blow up, the rest of the bulbs continue to work fine, without being affected.

That is what makes parallel circuits so useful and helpful , if you want everything to work, even if one light failed. This is why most home are fully wired up with parallel circuits.  


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