Renewable and non renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is when the energy can be used again and again. The three types of renewable energies are hydro, solar and wind. Solar energy is when solar panels get the heat from the Sun and turn it into electricity, so that’s how we get electricity. Solar energy never runs out because the Sun is heating it all the time. Solar energy gives us 10% of our overall energy. Wind energy is when a wind ┬áturbine is spinning it’s blades and the magnets inside of it spin around too. This is wind energy. Wind energy gives us 40% of our overall power. If there is no Sun or no wind one day then that’s when hydro energy comes in. Hydro energy is when a flowing river or stream goes down a pipe and then a water turbine spins the water around and creates electricity.This gives us 50% of our energy.

Non renewable energy

Most of our electricity comes from power stations that use fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to make the energy. This is called non renewable energy because you can’t make any more of it and it will eventually run out. Unfortunately, burning fossil fuels produce gases like carbon dioxide and methane which may cause global warming.

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