Year 1 Visit to Heaton Park

On Monday Year 1 went on a great walk to Heaton Park as we are learning about our local area in Geography. The children used their maps to locate where we were and naviagte to different places in the park. We were lucky enough to be invited into the Tram Museum, where we learned lots of history about trams in Manchester, which was so interesting. The children were able to identify human and physical features of the park and they even enjoyed a good play on the play park.

Well done Year 1!

Year 2 Geography

In Year 2, the children are learning that a compass is a navigational instrument which shows us directions (North, South, East and West). The children put their knowledge of compass directions to the test by exploring key landmarks in our playground. In addition, the children labelled the compass points using a word bank and used their knowledge of directional language to plan a route to Heaton Hall.

All About Antarctica

In assembly this morning we learned about Antarctica. We were invited to join a special mission –

to become Champions of Antarctica and a 2041 School.

We watched the first film on this website – there are lots more to look at at home.

I have asked children to find out a fact about Antarctica and write it below in the comments – all facts will receive a Gold Sticker!

River Irk – Year 6 science/geography visit

We are very lucky to have the beautiful River Irk right on our doorstep! Year 6 visited this morning and even though the weather was not on our side, the children had an interesting time with Mr. de Boer. He showed us how to check the health of the water by measuring the levels of minerals and metals. The children could also check how healthy the water in the River Irk is by looking at which creatures are present in the water. A lot of Himalayan Balsam grows here too and is a problem for the indigenous plants, so we did some ‘balsam bashing’ while we were there.