5M’s Pendulum Experiment

We were investigating how a pendulum works. We discussed different types of pendulums (swings, a clock and a metronome). Using string and keys, as a weight, we created our very own! We wanted to find out what would make our pendulum swing longer. We changed the amount of keys to test the weight and used different lengths of string to see if this had an impact on the amount of swings, using a stopwatch to record how long it took for the pendulum to stop swinging. We concluded that the heavier the weight, and the longer the string, the longer the pendulum would swing!
We then tried to challenge ourselves by adding the perfect size of paper to affect the air resistance, to make our pendulum stop at EXACTLY 30 seconds – the closest we got was 30.08s!

5M’s trip to Manchester Museum

Year 5 took a trip to Manchester Museum where we learnt how to become creative curators! We learnt about how museums group animals and we practised our curative skills – looking, connecting and discussing.
We enjoyed looking at some of the taxidermy animals up close, learning about how it is done and had a go at creating our own museum! Then we got to explore the museum. There was lots of interesting information in the vivarium. They had live poison dart frogs and plenty of information about our topic – The Rainforest!
Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short and got caught in the rain on the way back though, but despite the weather, we had the best day!

5M Buddy Agility Session

We really enjoyed our session with Buddy, our school dog, and Mrs Jacques today!

We learnt how to become amazing dog handlers and helped Buddy remember how to complete his obstacle course. We had him jumping over bars, weaving round cones and going through a tunnel. He really loved his treats, his favourite food – sausages!