NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe.

This week, children in Years 1 – 6 have taken part in the NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe assembly and activities. They were introduced to Buddy, who is a speech bubble representing the right that all children have to speak out and stay safe.

At an age appropriate level, children were reminded:

  • of the types of abuse
  • that abuse is never a child’s fault
  • that they have the right to get help if they need it
  • who to talk to if they need help and their Special 5 (trusted adults)
  • of the Childline number (0800 1111) and how to access support

Here are some examples of the children’s thoughtful work following the sessions.

National Numeracy Parental Engagement Project

Yesterday, Years 3 and 4 were joined by some of their parents and carers in classes to start using their family maths scrapbooks, which the National Numeracy charity have kindly provided. All classes worked on their first challenge – dominos – and enjoyed doing working with their families to complete this!

Iain from National Numeracy then arrived at school and held a ‘Help your child love maths!’ workshop for parents and carers in Years 1 – 6 which focussed on supporting children to develop positive attitudes towards maths. All parents and carers who attended were offered access to National Numeracy’s free online learning tool for adults, the National Numeracy Challenge, and were entered into a raffle to win a family hamper, which was won by Antije!

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry! If you are a parent or carer of a child in Reception through to Year 6, you can sign up to receive a free copy of the Family Maths Toolkit to use at home by following this link: https://www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk/free-family-maths-toolkit Here, you will find over 200 ‘everyday maths’ activities for your family to do together. If you would like to improve your own confidence with maths, you may wish to take part in the National Numeracy Challenge, which can be accessed by following this link: www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk/challenge/bvpsaq

Celebrate our Community!

Throughout the year, we are going to be hosting celebrations of some of the different religious communities that make up our Bowker Vale school family!         

We would love to work alongside our parents and carers to plan and host these celebrations, welcoming you to share your culture, religion, stories, food – anything and everything that you feel is important to share with the children at Bowker Vale and their families.

If you are a member of the Sikh community, we are looking for you to help us with our next celebration: Sikhism!

We would like to invite you to school on Monday 11th December at 2:15pm to discuss our first event.


Science After School Club

The science club had a fantastic time exploring cornflower slime. There is lots of science going on in this simple experiment. Cornflour is made up of lots of tiny starch particles and when it is mixed with water, the starch particles become suspended in liquid as the water moves in between them. The children found out that when they moved their fingers slowly through the mixture, it acted like a liquid. When they punched it or squeezed it, it behaved like a solid.

The Science bit!

The Big Ambition

In assembly, we discussed and completed this survey today. Please comment below if you complete it as well!

The Big Ambition aims to hear from children across England on what they think is important! In the lead up to the next General Election, the Children’s Commissioner wants to take children’s thoughts, opinions and ideas to decision-makers, to make sure that the Government hears young people’s voices on what they think needs to be done to make children’s lives better in England.

The Big Ambition | Children’s Commissioner for England (childrenscommissioner.gov.uk)

The Big Ambition survey will be open until Friday 15th December.