A day at the beach

On Wednesday we went to St Anne’s beach in Lytham. The Giraffes were so well behaved, we built sandcastles, wrote our names in the sand and made faces in the sand too. We had a picnic on the beach and then had an ice cream. The weather was a little bit chilly but we had a fabulous time! Also a special thank you to our parent helpers.

Lytham St Anne’s Beach Trip!

Bowker Vale EYFS were incredibly excited to visit the beach this week. We travelled by coach to the seaside, had a picnic on the beach, collected shells, built sandcastles, went for a lovely walk and finished with some scrumptious ice creams. Zebras had an amazing time – here are some photographs of our day!

The Great Science Share

On Tuesday the children had the opportunity to demonstrate what super scientists they are by joining in with the Great Science Share. The aim of the science share is to…

  • Develop children’s communication skills through sharing what they have learned with others.
  • Encourage child accomplishment by offering a platform to share their learning.
  • To encourage children to develop independent learning skills and follow their own line of enquiry, build curiosity and confidence.

What incredible scientists we have at Bowker Vale!

Fruit Kebabs in 1K

Today the children in DT made fruit kebabs. First we tasted 5 different fruits and decided which we liked the best. Then we tinkered with the fruits thinking carfefully about which needed washing, peeling and chopping. Then we carefully chopped our fruit and put it onto a skewer. Finally we ate them and they were delicious!