SSC experiment!

As part of our work on Volcanoes, the SSC enjoyed exploring how bicarbonate of soda reacted with a lemon. We added food colouring to represent the lava flowing out of a volcano. The children worked really well with their partner carrying out this experiment. Well done SSC!

SSC Adventure Stories

This half term, the SSC Class have worked hard creating exciting adventure stories!

We had the pleasure of sharing our adventure stories with Reception Class. Thank you for being so welcoming and great listeners Reception.

Have a read of some of our stories and let us know what you think. 🙂

Learning about Judaism in the SSC

Today, the SSC enjoyed a hands on experience learning more about Judaism with Mrs Bernstein.

Mrs Bernstein taught us lots about what day to day life is like for Jewish people living in Manchester. She told us about different Jewish traditions and explained how Jewish people worship. We looked at photos of synagogues, explored religious artefacts and tasted some delicious kosher food.

Thank you so much for coming over to the SSC Mrs Bernstein, we really enjoyed our class discussion and have learnt a lot more about the Jewish religion.

Moments of Inspiration

Last week, the SSC had a wonderful ‘moment of inspiration’ when Shaun and his team came to visit the class.

Shaun shared some of his fantastic experiences with us describing how he has climbed mountains and completed sky dives around the world.

The SSC had a great insight into Shaun’s life and the changes he has managed to overcome such as recovering from a life changing car accident and the difficulties of becoming an amputee.

As a class, we were inspired by Shaun’s determination and positive attitude and will remember his ‘you can do anything you put your mind to motto’ as a result.

Thank you to Shaun and his team for such an inspiring morning, it is one that we will not forget!