Eco Leaders visit Manchester City FA to see pond and wildlife areas.

The Eco Leaders were invited by the Director of sustainability to visit Manchester City Football Academy to look at the areas that they have developed from ‘brown’ waste land or industrial areas into ‘green’ areas. These once industrial factory sites now attract wildlife such as Bee’s and insects as well as other larger animals like birds, badgers and bats.

The director was really impressed with our Eco Leaders pond designs and we will be considering which options we are interested in for our own pond in the future.

We began the tour with presentation which showed us the difference between how the area used to look and how it looks now…

This is how it was 20 years ago…..

And how it looks today…

We then went on a tour around the grounds of the Academy and learnt lots of interesting things about how Manchester City have turned their ‘brown land’ site into a wildlife Oasis!

A Solitary Bee hotel…

Football pitches used by the women’s and youth teams.

Manchester City spelt in Bee hotels!

The very icy pond in the sunlight…

Log piles for Wildlife homes…

Beetle homes…

Bird feeders…

The huge Pine trees planted only 10 years ago!

The living wall – good chance for a group photograph!

We had such a fantastic welcome from Manchester City and learnt so much. We can’t wait to get started on our final pond designs!

Watch this space for more information soon…

Gingerbread Men

Today 1K had a very fun afternoon making gingerbread men in the school kitchen. First we read the Gingerbread Man story and then read a set of instructions for how to make our own. The best part was eating them as they tasted delicious. In a few weeks time they are going to be writing their own instructions. Well done 1K!

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

The Bowker Leaders led a Christmas shoe box appeal for the wonderful ‘Homeless Project Manchester.’ Homeless Project Manchester are a local organisation who actively help the homeless in and around Manchester. We are so very proud of our Bowker Leaders, their families and the wider community at Bowker Vale Primary School and we would like to thank them for being so generous with their donations. The Bowker Leaders felt so proud that they would be helping someone this Christmas. Well done!

Science After School Club

The science club had a fantastic time exploring cornflower slime. There is lots of science going on in this simple experiment. Cornflour is made up of lots of tiny starch particles and when it is mixed with water, the starch particles become suspended in liquid as the water moves in between them. The children found out that when they moved their fingers slowly through the mixture, it acted like a liquid. When they punched it or squeezed it, it behaved like a solid.

The Science bit!

A visit from Buddy

Yesterday 1K had a very special visitor! Buddy came into our class and we found out lots of interesting things about him. He performed some tricks and Mrs Jacques showed us some pictures of him as a puppy. We all had a great time! We hope that he comes back to visit again soon.

Year 1 Autumn Forest Adventure

This afternoon year 1 have been for an autumn walk in Narnia. We saw lots of orange and yellow leaves, berries, mushrooms and the fast flowing River Irk. We also came face to face with the grumpy troll who lives under the bridge. He asked us to help him by catching some of his mischievous troll friends. We didn’t mind as it was great fun finding them and we even got to take them home.