Year 2 Trip to Gurdwara

Year 2 had a very interesting visit to Central Gurdwara. They spent time in the Prayer Hall learning about the 5K’s and looking at the throne where the Guru Granth Sahib site during the day. They saw the special bedroom and bed where the holy book is placed at night.

They then visited the langar and shared some delicious food!

Year 2M Science

Year 2 have been learning that all animals have offspring that grow and change into
adult animals. They have observed differnt lifecycles. A life cycle shows each stage of a plant or animals life. They know that all animals need water, food and air to survive and the offspring of an animal does not always look like the adult. They are excited to see how our class tadpoles change over time.

Congratulations to our Bowker Vale Students

What a wonderful email to receive from Sensei Gary Bohm. Congratulations to our amazing students who have done so well!

Dear Mrs. Jacques,

I am pleased to congratulate and compliment our Taijutsu members from Bowker Vale Primary School. They are an extraordinary group who are friendly, curious, respectful and always ready to learn.

Well done to the following students, who have achieved these steps in their learning just before Easter:

Yannis (4P) – One tab on his orange/yellow belt

Joshua (4P) – Orange/Yellow Belt

Nora (3A) – Orange/Yellow Belt

Evelyn (3A) – White/Yellow Belt

Abel (2) – White/Yellow Belt

Noor (3A) – White/Yellow Belt

Lilly-Grace (6) – White/Yellow Belt

Abigail (nursery) – White Belt

Please see attached a picture from the grading event. Kind regards,

Sensei Gary Bohm