Year 3 trip to Greater Manchester Recycling Centre

Year 3 have been on a very informative trip to the Greater Manchester Recycling Centre and they were fantastic at representing Bowker Vale. During our trip we have toured the recycling centre and saw how the MRF sorts through the mixed recycling brought from all the areas in Greater Manchester. The children were able to apply what they have learned in science this year to help them work out how magnets helps us recycle!

The children did a great job applying what they had learned about recycling and were able to put their rubbish in the correct bins after lunch, we scored 38 out of a possible 40 points! Before leaving, we talked about how we can reuse things before looking to throw them out and do this alongside our efforts to recycle to reduce the amount of waste generated.

What a fantastic trip!

King Charles Display – Yr3 and 4

We have a beautiful portrait of our King to display and need some wonderful pupil work to go alongside it.

Choose an image below to describe. Think about your word choices and the information you would like a reader to know. You can research to find out more interesting facts, or you might have the ideas in your head already! Aim for 4-5 sentences. The most creative writers will have their work displayed next to the portrait.

Congratulations to our Bowker Vale Students

What a wonderful email to receive from Sensei Gary Bohm. Congratulations to our amazing students who have done so well!

Dear Mrs. Jacques,

I am pleased to congratulate and compliment our Taijutsu members from Bowker Vale Primary School. They are an extraordinary group who are friendly, curious, respectful and always ready to learn.

Well done to the following students, who have achieved these steps in their learning just before Easter:

Yannis (4P) – One tab on his orange/yellow belt

Joshua (4P) – Orange/Yellow Belt

Nora (3A) – Orange/Yellow Belt

Evelyn (3A) – White/Yellow Belt

Abel (2) – White/Yellow Belt

Noor (3A) – White/Yellow Belt

Lilly-Grace (6) – White/Yellow Belt

Abigail (nursery) – White Belt

Please see attached a picture from the grading event. Kind regards,

Sensei Gary Bohm

No Pen Day in 3A!

3A had a brilliant morning learning how to read aloud effectively! They practised reading clearly, with feeling and expression using gestures and actions.

They read a play script from the story of Oliver Twist.

Amazing teamwork 3A and fabulous expressive reading!

In our Maths lesson 3A learned about capacity. They used containers of different sizes and carefully poured out different amounts of coloured water reading the scale on the side of the containers.

Amazingly very little water was spilled. The person to spill the most water was Miss Jones!

Well done 3A!