Fruit Kebabs in 1K

Today the children in DT made fruit kebabs. First we tasted 5 different fruits and decided which we liked the best. Then we tinkered with the fruits thinking carfefully about which needed washing, peeling and chopping. Then we carefully chopped our fruit and put it onto a skewer. Finally we ate them and they were delicious!

Year 1S – Design and Technology – Making Toy Fire Engines

The children have really enjoyed their Design and Technology project where they have designed and made toy fire engines. The children started the project by exploring existing toys and vehicles. They then moved onto tinkering with materials to create a chassis for their fire engine using wheels and creating axels so that the wheels could move freely. Next they designed and made what they wanted their fire engine to look like using the craft materials and recycled resources we had available. The children worked so well in their teams and they created the most AMAZING toy fire engines. Well done Year 1!

4P design and technology

Over the past few weeks Year 4 have worked hard to plan, design and make buildings for an Italian model village. Workning in groups, the class chose to make a clock tower, a hotel, a block of flats, houses, a football ground and an Italian restaurant. We used our knowledge of circuits from our recent electricity science lessons to light up our buildings. The football ground even has a buzzer to use when goals are scored. We had a great time!