My Voice Matters!

This week in year 1 we have been doing lots of different activities to celebrate Children’s Mental health week. We have taken part in mindful yoga, thought about what makes us special and unique and listened to peaceful music and thought about how it makes us feel.

Year 1 Visit to Heaton Park

On Monday Year 1 went on a great walk to Heaton Park as we are learning about our local area in Geography. The children used their maps to locate where we were and naviagte to different places in the park. We were lucky enough to be invited into the Tram Museum, where we learned lots of history about trams in Manchester, which was so interesting. The children were able to identify human and physical features of the park and they even enjoyed a good play on the play park.

Well done Year 1!

Year 1 go to Heaton Park!

Today year 1 have been to Heaton Park. We followed our maps and visited famous landmarks in the park such as the Somme Memorial, Heaton Hall, The Haha Wall and were even invited inside the Tram Museum. We all had a great time and loved playing on the playground too!

Back in school we drew our own maps of the park and next week we are going to be writing a recount about the trip.

Year 1 – Science – Everyday Materials – Knowledge Organiser

This term Year 1 are learning about Everyday Materials.

Take a look at the knowledge organiser to reinforce learning at home.

When you are at home or out and about talk about what things are made out of. Talk about why you think it has been made out of that. For example, a window is made out of glass because it is transparent and we can see through it. The sofa is made out of fabric because it is soft and comfy.

Year 1S – Design and Technology – Making Toy Fire Engines

The children have really enjoyed their Design and Technology project where they have designed and made toy fire engines. The children started the project by exploring existing toys and vehicles. They then moved onto tinkering with materials to create a chassis for their fire engine using wheels and creating axels so that the wheels could move freely. Next they designed and made what they wanted their fire engine to look like using the craft materials and recycled resources we had available. The children worked so well in their teams and they created the most AMAZING toy fire engines. Well done Year 1!

Year 1S – Making Gingerbread Men

Year 1 are starting to learn about reading and writing instructions in our English lessons. So, yesterday we went to the kitchen and followed a set of instructions on how to make a Gingerbread Man. The children were amazing at pouring, mixing, kneading, rolling and cutting to create their biscuits. The children really enjoyed decorating them and they made sure they ate their Gingerbread Man before he RAN AWAY!

Healthy Lunchbox Workshop

We had another fantastic parent workshop this morning delivered by the Healthy Weighing Team. They offered so much advice on healthy eating and healthy lunchboxes.

One key piece of information that has stuck in my mind is portion size. See the below guide for the correct guidance we should be offering our children, this also applies to adults.

Eat well guides…

Key points to remember from the session…

•Offer 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day – eat the rainbow

•Provide 6-8 glasses of water or sugar free squash a day.

•Take notice of traffic light system on food packaging

•Be mindful of portion sizes

•Limit processed foods and try to offer foods as close to their natural state Consider frozen fruit and vegetables – these are much fresher and often cheaper!

Why not try one of the healthy lunchbox recipes.

Thank you to our parents for attending.

Please use the QR code for more information.

Writing Magazine Winners

Well done to all the writing superstars who were picked by their teachers to feature in the latest edition of the Writing Magazine and receive a prize for their hard efforts. Children were picked for a range of reasons including writing suitably for their given audience, using capital letters and full stops accurately and producing neat, cursive handwriting. Well done everyone!

The writing winners are:

Nursery- Fletcher Zebras- Hiba Giraffes- Hashim

1K- Sarina 1S- Zakiya

2M- Inayah 2D- Amaya

3M- Khadija 3A- Zayna

4P- Simrah 4DT- Adelina

5B- Tye 5M- Lydia

6T- Amrita 6M- Yevhen

SSC- Liam