Year 1 – Design and Technology – Fruit Kebabs

For our cooking and nutrition part of Design and Technology Year 1 made fruit kebabs.

First we thought about where fruit comes from in the world and we were amazed that the fruit we buy from our local supermarkets is actually grown in much hotter countries. Bananas from Brazil, grapes from India, blueberries from Spain and tangerines from South Africa. Then we discovered that the strawberries were from the UK and we talked about how they can be grown here during our summer months.

We then tasted all of the fruit and designed what we wanted our fruit kebabs to look like. Afterthat, we went into the Children’s Kitchen and explored how to prepare the fruit by washing them, peeling and chopping them. We made our fruit kebabs and displayed some great kitchen skills and finally we got to eat them and they were delicious!

Fruit Kebabs in 1K

Today the children in DT made fruit kebabs. First we tasted 5 different fruits and decided which we liked the best. Then we tinkered with the fruits thinking carfefully about which needed washing, peeling and chopping. Then we carefully chopped our fruit and put it onto a skewer. Finally we ate them and they were delicious!

Forest school

Year 1S has had the best two sessions of forest school. Last week the first group had a fire day, they made marshmallows on the fire and delicious s’mores. This week unfortunately, the weather made it impossible to make a fire with the second group but they had an amazing time anyway, exploring and discovirng new dens. Let’s hope the weather is better next time for a fire.

Well done Year 1!

Year 1 – NO Pen Day!

Year 1 were shocked and excited to see that all the pencils and pens were taped off this morning as it was NO Pen Day!

The children enjoyed the day doing lots of speaking and listening and creative activities. In English they did ‘talk for writing’ where they shared their sentences with each other so that they can write their Bowker Vale leaflets next week. They enjoyed a lesson full of measure activities in Maths. They also enjoyed learning about Animals Including Humans in our new Science topic where we did talk circles and sorting activities.

No Pen Day

The children in year 1 have had a fantastic NO PEN DAY! For the entire day our class pens have been locked away giving the children plenty of opportunities to learn through talk and creativity. During the day we have been learning about animals and humans in science and had a practical maths afternoon. We have measured the length in cms, found the mass and measured the capacity of different containers too. It has been a great day!