Staying safe and how other people can help us

This term the SSC class have been working really hard to learn about what the word risk means. We have been thinking about the different types of risks we might come across in school, at home and in the community. The children are able to describe what the word risk means and have thought about different examples such as not following the green cross code when crossing the road or talking to strangers online. We have discussed the three main emergency services and the importance of only calling them if there is an emergency. During our PSHE and challenge box lessons we have been thinking about the ways in which to stay safe in our local community. The children will be putting into practise the skills they have learned this half term on our trip to Heaton Park.

Zones of Regulation

During the Autumn term the children worked very hard to understand different types of feelings and emotions. At Bowker Vale we use an emotional literacy framework called the ‘Zones of Regulation’ to help children to understand what different emotions are. The children learned to organise the emotions into different zoned colours. This then helped them to talk about their emotions by using colours rather than having to say they were feeling upset or frustrated. From there the children then began to learn about the different strategies they would use to help them to get back to the ‘green’ zone.