Learning Ambassador Challenge:Reply

One day a confident,villainous super villain zoomed down the road, flying. What was she up to?

HA!HA!HA! SURPRISE! I am that good  bad super villain (in-training). I am about to commit the worst most famous crime in villain ALL HISTORY!!! That will knock my ‘famous’ brother off his feet! Can you BELIEVE he became a SUPERHERO!? 


How DARE he still show his face in front of our family and STILL live by our family name (Roadkill)!? Mother and father took over the WORLD to teach us how to rule and guess who stopped them!? (OF COURSE IT’S MY BROTHER, WHO ELSE!?) 

Anyway, I’m still here to finish mother and father’s plan and finish my brother off. And guess who I play?

You would’ve never guessed but…..

His goody-two shoes sidekick!

By Ivy Roadkill

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