Home work 6M- Can you explain how the eye works?

                         How does the human eye work?                                    By Kimberley Hanson

 The eye is actually a muscle and if you look close enough you will see mini cells( like the blood cells ) in your Iris( the coloured ring that is created by Pigment Melanin in your body. The more Pigment you have in your body, the more chance you have of having dark brown eyes, or hazel eyes. ) Out of all of our senses, we rely the most on our sight.

What do eyes help us do and allow us to do?

In one glance, or even a fraction of a second, your eyes allow you to see different colours, with help from your brain. Your brain is connected to your eyes by cells and vessels.

allow us to see things close and far away, read books, see things that are heading our way- such as a soft ball- and also allow us to focus on the things that we look at. They also allow us to see nature and its beautiful animals and insects that come along with it.

So, how does the eye actually work?

eye diagram web

The way the eye works is pretty simple. When light shines on the Pupil, it goes to you Lens behind your eye, which then projects an image to your brain.

If there is a lot of light, it makes your Iris and your Pupil shrink in size, due to your eyes are fragile, just like they are squinting. The exact opposite thing happens when there is little amounts of light. Your Pupil will go bigger, just like it is straining to see thing that are in the darkness.

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