Atomic,chapter nine:the Albion observer

Jonny pointed out of the window  of the Atomic bomber and pointed at what was the Babblebrook primary school,but was now a large mountain of smoky debris.Tommy was grinning at the site of the school that had been smashed into smithereens.Madame Malice ,who was Tommy and Jonny’s mother was holding back the smiles and acted as if she did nothing. MS Crackdown  who was Tommy and Jonny’s teacher glared at the destruction of the school and Madame Malice “you!!!!YOU LITTLE………YOU FLATTENED MY HOUSE!!!”Exlamed Ms Crackdown with a single tear rolling down her face. 

“ERR……We should leave … how about now. somewhere far very far like the north pole of some thing like that” said Jonny in a rush to get out of the perimeter.



Tommy                                                                                                                                                                                           Jonny













The Madness of Madame Malice

As quick as a flash, when jonny arrived to school he was in tears when he saw Babble Brook primary school was gone forever into pieces.All of the furniture was broken policemen and firemen vehicle’s were surounding the broken Babble Brook school.

“OHH ME – OHH MY! Aunt Sandwich froze in TERROR when she saw the crushed Babble Brook school .Tommy was shoked he could not bare to look at the mess . Madame Malice took it too far.

”AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!Screamed MRS.Crackdown she ran as fast as she could to Madame Malice and shouted in her face as loud as she could ”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HOUSE!!!! Jonny was speechless ”wwwhhaatttt hhavvvee youu ddonee!? ”No school? How will i learn? you done this by purpose mum! I cant belive she even crushed MRS.Crackdowns house where will she live?

tommy felt bad for mum he din’t care what jonny was saying ”jonny listen mum din’t do it by purpose she she… was only trying to help?!

Madame Malice explained ”listen carefully my litle canerian i was only tring to help… please forgive me in truly sorry you shouldbe thankful anyway i stole ice cream for you anyways its very late  we should go home.

The Madness Of Madame Malice / ATOMIC / Madame Malice’s Attack / Chapter 9

As the Super-Fast Atomic Bomber hovered over BabbleBrook  village green, Jonny and Tommy Atomic saw a tall tower of smoke rising from BabbleBrook Primary School. Tommy and Jonny hopped out the Atomic Bomber and saw shields of water over witnesses eyes. ”WHAT HAPPENED HERE!” cried Jonny, as he fell to the floor in disappointment.”Who could have caused this!” asked Tommy.

”Are you pleased with your present!?” replied Madame Malice.

”MUM!” cried both the boys

”Why would you do this Mum, you know at least I  like school!” said Jonny glaring at Tommy as he burst into tears.

”Well I’m sorry ,but at least now you can spend quality time with your mother,” declared Madame Malice.

”YOU AND YOU AND FINALLY YOU!!!” screeched Ms Crackdown [Jonny and Tommy’s teacher].”YOU FLATTENED MY HOUSE!”

”MUM” screamed the boys ”WHY!”

”Well I thought you didn’t like school,” said Madame Malice imploringly…



Landing at the school ,all the children were staring horror at the school. Miss crackdown stomped to Jonny and Tommy and glared at them. Miss crackdown looked at the school dust with a disbelieve in her mouth. The parents were really curios about what happened.Madame malice,who was proud of her work, hoped that her boys were cheerful .Jonny ,who was really sad about the school,was angry about his mums hard work.The students who , were from babble brook school ,were supersized about the school exploding. Madame malice was looking at the wonderful amazing area was proud of her self.Tommy and Jonny were shocked about what happened to the school and Miss Crackdowns house. Miss crackdown ran every were  and then she saw madame malice she walked slowly to Madame malice she scrawled at Madame malice “WHAT HAVE YOU DID TO MY HOUSE!!!”Madame malice got did not say a word.

atomic madam malice show not tell

Aunt sandwich gasped in horror,gazing at the reckage of the school. Tommy was staring at the school which was destroyed,  getting broke into pieces. A girl, who just started the school , cried with terror while the school is break apart.The man, who looked ,like wally, was praying to god to solve this bad,sad situation.Aunt Sandwich felt she was dreaming she was in a place of chaos.As the fire carried on, all the people ran around saying help me! The man, who was wearing a woolly warm hat, pointed at the broken school with blue smoke coming out.The students, who were very smart with a warm green jumper, ran out of school crying for there parents. All the mum and dads kept on shouting for their beloved children to hurry away from the danger.

Madame Malice with a big smile on her face hugged her children and tommy was surprised that her mum was the one who done all this dangerous mess. Ms Crackdown went towards tommy and jonny with their mum with a huge angry scowal.

Atomic Ep.2 (destroyed school)

Bursting into tears, Ms Crackdown  scowled at Madame Malice silently as she stomp towards her. Running towards the school, a girl with blonde hair was coughing because of the smoke. Staring at the huge school, everyone gasped in horror and cried as loud as they could. Falling down on his knees, Jonny, opened his jaws wide, and fell on the floor. Ms Crackdown was covered in smoke (dark) from the destroyed school. Jonny was shocked about how the school looked. Running and staring at the school. aunt sandwich, who was glaring at the school while it broke onto pieces, standing in the atomic bomber. The girl with blonde hair was standing crying with terror while the school broke into little pieces. “Oh me…Oh my” said aunt sandwich.

“what happened to the school?” asked Jonny, confusingly Tommy didn’t believe it what happened he was so confused, but he might know what happened. (Madame Malice got a little surprise for her sons so she destroyed the school) “do you like your present” came a voice.

Tommy and Jonny spun around and saw Madame Malice in her ordinary clothes “I knew it” said Tommy , Jonny was upset there was no one in the school , but Some one was in there it was Ms Crackdown “NOOOOOO! you I know who you are” said Ms Crackdown, angrily.

“Is that… Ms Crackdown” said Tommy, Jonny was unhappy he was angry.

The end Of the story




As soon as the atomic bomber reached the ground , Tommy and Jonny turned to look at the school , ready for another ordinary day at an ordinary school . Open – mouthed , Tommy and Jonny stared with disbelief at the now collapsed building . Unable to take another breath , Jonny froze to the very spot he was stood on , a look of devastation plastered on his face . Tommy , who peered at the rubble in silence , barely spoke a word , yet shot anxios looks around the area , an area off terror and destruction .

Storming through the smoke , a familiar figure appeared to be getting bigger and bigger . It was Ms Crackdown ! Showering with frustration , she rampaged over to where Madame Malice was stood , with her fists clenched and her face flushed red . Avoiding all the innocent , devastated citizens of the city , she let out all her hatred rush through gritted teeth .

Quite on the bright side , there was Jonny , speechless , and trembling with fear . Transforming into a nervous wreck , Jonny rattled his teeth and let the opaque cloak of Madame Malice’s flow over him . Stood next to him there was Tommy , as straight as a porcelain figure staring into space .

Although the rest were filled with terror , Madame Malice was beaming with pride , and her eyes were lit up . With her chest raised , a feel of success rushed through her , with this smug little look plastered on her face .


Atomic the madness of Madam Malice

Suddenly , aunt sand witch arrived in the atomic   bomber .  

  ”oh me oh my what has    happened ? ,,






Show not tell (Atomic)

The headteacher, who opened her mouth wide and glared with terror looking at the demolished, destroyed school, fainted in horror. As Miss Crackdown clenched her fisits, she stomped away from school in  a big anger on her face.Tommy with eyes wide stared at the remains of the school with a big grin.The headteacher glared at the destroyed school with her mouth wide open.Aunt sandwich twiched  her head rapidly left and right.

madame malice

as the atomic bomber landed on the village green there was smoke surrounded the school. with his jaw dropping Jonny , who loves school ,fell to the floor . “Tommy whispered i know who done this. “

Mrs crack down ,who clenched her fist stomped on the village green,Tommy was trembling and fell in to a corner. Aunt sandwich squealed ” OH ME OH MY ” , aunt sandwich flew back up to atomic island. Madam malice found Jonny and Tommy and whispered” i found Mrs crack downs house and sort of flattened her house.”you did what ” screamed Jonny.