Atomic,chapter nine:the Albion observer

Jonny pointed out of the window  of the Atomic bomber and pointed at what was the Babblebrook primary school,but was now a large mountain of smoky debris.Tommy was grinning at the site of the school that had been smashed into smithereens.Madame Malice ,who was Tommy and Jonny’s mother was holding back the smiles and acted as if she did nothing. MS Crackdown  who was Tommy and Jonny’s teacher glared at the destruction of the school and Madame Malice “you!!!!YOU LITTLE………YOU FLATTENED MY HOUSE!!!”Exlamed Ms Crackdown with a single tear rolling down her face. 

“ERR……We should leave … how about now. somewhere far very far like the north pole of some thing like that” said Jonny in a rush to get out of the perimeter.



Tommy                                                                                                                                                                                           Jonny













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