As soon as the atomic bomber reached the ground , Tommy and Jonny turned to look at the school , ready for another ordinary day at an ordinary school . Open – mouthed , Tommy and Jonny stared with disbelief at the now collapsed building . Unable to take another breath , Jonny froze to the very spot he was stood on , a look of devastation plastered on his face . Tommy , who peered at the rubble in silence , barely spoke a word , yet shot anxios looks around the area , an area off terror and destruction .

Storming through the smoke , a familiar figure appeared to be getting bigger and bigger . It was Ms Crackdown ! Showering with frustration , she rampaged over to where Madame Malice was stood , with her fists clenched and her face flushed red . Avoiding all the innocent , devastated citizens of the city , she let out all her hatred rush through gritted teeth .

Quite on the bright side , there was Jonny , speechless , and trembling with fear . Transforming into a nervous wreck , Jonny rattled his teeth and let the opaque cloak of Madame Malice’s flow over him . Stood next to him there was Tommy , as straight as a porcelain figure staring into space .

Although the rest were filled with terror , Madame Malice was beaming with pride , and her eyes were lit up . With her chest raised , a feel of success rushed through her , with this smug little look plastered on her face .


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