Atomic Ep.2 (destroyed school)

Bursting into tears, Ms Crackdown  scowled at Madame Malice silently as she stomp towards her. Running towards the school, a girl with blonde hair was coughing because of the smoke. Staring at the huge school, everyone gasped in horror and cried as loud as they could. Falling down on his knees, Jonny, opened his jaws wide, and fell on the floor. Ms Crackdown was covered in smoke (dark) from the destroyed school. Jonny was shocked about how the school looked. Running and staring at the school. aunt sandwich, who was glaring at the school while it broke onto pieces, standing in the atomic bomber. The girl with blonde hair was standing crying with terror while the school broke into little pieces. “Oh me…Oh my” said aunt sandwich.

“what happened to the school?” asked Jonny, confusingly Tommy didn’t believe it what happened he was so confused, but he might know what happened. (Madame Malice got a little surprise for her sons so she destroyed the school) “do you like your present” came a voice.

Tommy and Jonny spun around and saw Madame Malice in her ordinary clothes “I knew it” said Tommy , Jonny was upset there was no one in the school , but Some one was in there it was Ms Crackdown “NOOOOOO! you I know who you are” said Ms Crackdown, angrily.

“Is that… Ms Crackdown” said Tommy, Jonny was unhappy he was angry.

The end Of the story



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