The Madness of Madame Malice

As quick as a flash, when jonny arrived to school he was in tears when he saw Babble Brook primary school was gone forever into pieces.All of the furniture was broken policemen and firemen vehicle’s were surounding the broken Babble Brook school.

“OHH ME – OHH MY! Aunt Sandwich froze in TERROR when she saw the crushed Babble Brook school .Tommy was shoked he could not bare to look at the mess . Madame Malice took it too far.

”AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!Screamed MRS.Crackdown she ran as fast as she could to Madame Malice and shouted in her face as loud as she could ”WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HOUSE!!!! Jonny was speechless ”wwwhhaatttt hhavvvee youu ddonee!? ”No school? How will i learn? you done this by purpose mum! I cant belive she even crushed MRS.Crackdowns house where will she live?

tommy felt bad for mum he din’t care what jonny was saying ”jonny listen mum din’t do it by purpose she she… was only trying to help?!

Madame Malice explained ”listen carefully my litle canerian i was only tring to help… please forgive me in truly sorry you shouldbe thankful anyway i stole ice cream for you anyways its very late ¬†we should go home.

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