SSC Tuesday Afternoon Check In

This afternoon’s activities are:

Design Technology

This term in Design and Technology we will be designing, creating and evaluating smoothies.

Your job for today is to watch the video below and complete the worksheet.

There are two activity options.

Option 1: Taste and evaluate three shop bought smoothies and complete the worksheet.

Option 2: Taste and evaluate three types of fruit and complete the worksheet.

Challenge Box

New Year’s Celebrations

Over the Christmas holiday, many people would of celebrated the new year at midnight on the 31st of December. Although this is a popular tradition around the world, many cultures celebrate New Years in different ways and at different times of the year.

Can you describe and compare how two different countries or cultures celebrate New Year? Complete the template below for two different New Year celebrations.

Don’t forget to email your work to the SSC email.

Have a great afternoon,

The SSC Team

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