SSC Tuesday Morning

Good morning SSC class, we hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and we can’t wait to hear all about it when you are back in class. Your adults will have explained to you that you will be spending half of the week home learning and half of the week in school. The home learning work will be exactly the same as the work being taught in school, we will also offer an alternative activity that may be easier to complete at home.

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We know things are a little different at the moment but try not to worry, we are hoping it won’t be long until you are all back in school with us five days a week.

Here are the activities for today:


This half term we will be moving on to a new set of spellings.

We will be learning to spell both homophones and near homophones as well as learning how to spell words ending with the suffix ous. Please write your spellings out in rainbow writing:

Everybody: accept, except, weather, whether, fair and fare.

Challenge: tremendous, enormous, jealous, serious and hideous


Every Tuesday, we practise and develop our handwriting and fine motor skills.

Job 1: Handwriting

Complete your handwriting on lined paper or use the template below.

Job 2: Fine Motor Skills Activity

Option 1: Make a rainstick.

Option 2: Pen tap challenge.

Strengthen your pincer grip by completing the pen tap challenge below. Can you practise the challenge and video your WAGOLL pen tap?

The Development Of Hand Function, Grasps And Drawing Skills


Classroom group

Job 1: Multiplication facts

This week we will be revising the facts for the nine times tables.

Can you complete the multiplication wheels?

This half term we will be learning about Roman numerals.

Please watch the video below to remind yourselves of the Roman numerals for the numbers one to 12.

Can you fill in the table with the correct Roman numerals?

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