The Miracle dragon

Do you know how rare the Miracle dragon is?

It is so rare that it has to live on a rainbow! if you could get the chance to get a glance of the dragon, you will be extremely  lucky, so you have to start looking for rainbows.

Do you know how beautiful the dragon is?

It is so beautiful, that if you try to get close you will be put into a deep slumber[sleep].Additionally, it has light blur eyes, so if you stare into its eyes for bout 5 seconds, you will be able to train it, but if you¬† don’t stare into its eyes for more than 5 seconds and try to train it you will be put into a slumber.Also it can grow up to 3 foot long.

It has a crazy habitat.

Surprisingly, it lives on a rainbow because it is so rare. If it is allergic to the rainbow it will turn to a common dragon[which you can find a lot].

The dragon has a crazy diet.

It eats anything juicy and and skittles. It mainly eats skittles though. If it is allergic to skittles it will have to eat fruit: apples, bananas and oranges. it has to eat juicy food or it will turn into a common dragon.

It is a truly amazing dragon and you will be one of the luckiest people alive.

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