Wait So Whats Tech?

In 1 day i learned all about Tech. Tech is short for Technology.

I Learned About:


Syskey (still learning)







Malware Means malicious Software like viruses

Spyware is a logger that sees your screen and can see what your writing. It might be reading this!

Adware is harmless. but it is very annoying with tons of advertisement pop ups.

Ransomware encrypts your computer and charges you bitcoin to get it back.

These are all Viruses.

Keylogger reads what you type.

Cmd is a software where you input commands into your computer like scratch.

Also look in the top corner of this website. do you see the URL. Next to that should be a lock saying secure. That Means the site is safe and the owners have paid to run the site. not secure means its either not safe or the owner is not paying to make it.

So Got To Go. Happy CMD’ing

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