The Tripled Fingered Dragon !

A Triple Fingered Dragon is a dragon that is barely spotted by the public .If you see one will you be able to recognize it?The Triple Fingered Dragon is light blue all around,except for it’s wings, the dragon’s wings are dark blue, it has got thick scales which are also dark blue.Most of the times, the Triple Fingered Dragon sometimes live near ice because they need to camouflage ,so that it can hunt for it’s food .They live in cold places such as , Alaska or Antarctica.The Triple Fingered Dragon normally eats fish , but if they are on a diet ,they would eat Dolphins .They eat three times a day and they eat 5 fish each time .The Triple Fingered Dragon,approximately live from 5 years to 6 years .This dragon has some amazing facts such as, this dragon is scared of cats and birds.The vikings were the fist owners to have this dragon,they¬† fought in battles with this and won every time.This dragon is one of the toughest dragons ever to be made.

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