PGL Thursday

Today was our last full day of activities. They included Aeroball, All Aboard, Problem Solving and Vertical Challenge. We all enjoyed Aeroball: you bounce on trampolines and play a type of basketball game. It was an energetic and competitive activity. All Aboard involves working in teams of three to get on to different platforms, whilst climbing up a pole. At the top you had to get on to a wooden square that was the size of a pizza box. If there was more than one person, you then had to lean back and let go to be left dangling in the air. Problem Solving made us work in teams to take on different challenges such as making a balance board perfectly balance, whilst we were stood on top and many more. We learnt how important communication is. Vertical Challenge was another climbing activity. We had to climb up rope ladders, tyres, a climbing wall and a net to get to the top. It is clear that we are all improving our ability to climb and that our fears and worries have gone. The end of the night was disco night and we all got a chance to show off our dancing. Tomorrow is our last day and we have two more activities. After that, we will all get the chance to see our families and friends when we return.

Click here to see the photos from today.

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