The bear and the hare

A flock of tweeting, quacking geese flew south.  They were on a mission to find a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere.  Nearby there was a gentle, maroon bear, called Bob. One late Autumn day, he walked along a mossy, forest path. He was not alone; beside him was his best friend he was smaller than Bob. A lot smaller. She has long ears that goes up when happy. Her name was Lulu.

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Quicker than a flash, the bear  stood up and Lulu slid down.

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The bear lifted his mouth in the air and yawned. His friend knew it was time. Hibernation. Soon his friend would in a deep sleep…





The bear and the hare

Deep in a glistening forest , where joys came to life , two friends forever lived . Trudging along a frosty pathway , a maroon bear slowly and very gradually made his way to his destination . Perched onto his back , a concrete grey hare dangerously balanced . As the bear gazed into the crystal clear , ocean blue sky , the hare landed on the ground with a thump !

“Hey ! Tell me why you did that ! ” demanded the hare , lifting his ear of his face .

” I am just checking what the weather is , ” explained the bear thoughtfully , ” hibernation for me is coming soon . ”

From the depths of the chalk white clouds , a snowflake fluttered delicately in the wind and landed on the bear’s coal black nose ! Without warning , he shuddered and stretched out , then gave out a huge yawn , as if he would give up anything to have one single rest . Drooping sadly , the hare’s long , sturdy ears fell to his back . A flock of cheerfull chirping birds pointed south and swooped over them in one blinding flash as a sad moment filled the air . Light streamed through certain gaps in the clouds , illuminating the evergreen trees surrounding an almost everlasting pathway .

” S-so doesn’t that m – mean that you’re g – going to s – sleep for six months ! ” exclaimed the hare , tears filling his eyes .

” Exactly that , but I may last a little longer if I like , ” replied the bear sadly , as a wave of sadness sweeping over him ,” which means I won’t be able to celebrate christmas with you . ”

The wind continued blowing furiosly , as the hare memorized the last few words , which rolled out of the bear’s mouth like a scroll used for a playscript . Astonished , heartbroken , shocked , the hare’s heart missed a beat . He couldn’t believe his ears . This wonderful creature , who was his own best friend , was about to go into a deep sleep which would last for several months .


The bear and the hare.

Inside the loud, giant forest , was a big, brown bear and his best friend the hare. The hare was a tiny, grey hare, so one day they went for a walk. Suddenly, they looked up and saw a snowflake dribbling down the blue, bright sky. ‘O no! It’s time for me to hibernate.’ Said the bear.

‘So your missing Christmas again.’ Replied the hare.

‘I wish I could do Christmas and join in.’ Said the bear.

‘It’s not fair! Do you need to hibernate? ‘ Asked the hare.

‘Yes. Because it’s too cold for us bears.’ Replied the bear.

The bear and the hare

It had all happened so quickly, the bird’s where flying solth because it was becoming chilly and cold.He ploed along    the  dusty poth with his  friened riding on his  back.                                                                                                                        Suddenly  the bear sat and  the hare slid of the  big  brown fury back.He knew it was becoming  winter because of the snowflake that  had  just ticeled  his nose and the mist that twerled.                                                                                            “sorry i have to go habrneyt.”                                                                                                                                                                ”  Do you have to go.”                                                                                                                                                                              “Yes i do.”                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Now i will not have any one to play or share my felling’s with.”

Bear and Hare

Deep in a cheerful  forest there was a bear that never seen Christmas.and  cheerful and kind bear and his frend the hare trotted along in a strate  and a long  strem  oped for  he sadantly he st for a moment he wasa seeing a snow flake going slowly down to his black shany nose. ” It’s time to go my frend ”said the bear .” NO don’t go I need you are my best friend ”said the hare.

The bear and the hare


Chirping cheerfully, a flock of birds flew south, creating a black smudge against the crystal-clear , blue winter sky.Crunch. A twig snapped. A huge, brown bear padded silently along the dusty, mossy path, but he wasn’t alone… His best friend, a small, fluffy hare was with him. suddenly, the bear reared up and sniffed the air, making the hare slide of his back.

“What’s the matter?” asked the hare, looking concerned.

“It’s winter,” replied the bear heavily “It’s time to hibernate,”

“Do you have to?”moaned the hare,feeling upset

“Sorry,” sniffed the bear, turning his back on  the hare and trudging away.

The hare’s bright, round face face fell.



the bear and the hare

On a frosty,cold morning deep in the forest ,there was a brown, sleepy ,tall bear .He had his best friend on his furry back.They where walking along the winding path. HE looked up and a lovely snow flack came floating down onto his nose he was really sad it told him that it was time to go and hibernate. He took his best friend Hair to all his other friends so he could go and hibernate“ sorry I have to go and hibernate“  said Bear “please stay and enjoy xmas with me“ said Hare.

The Bear and the Hare

Chirping cheerfully, a gaggle of geese flew across the sky of the forest to head for warmer weather, while a bear and a hare plodded down a winding path. The bear stood up and the hare slid down his back.


As the curious bear looked up to find a soft snowflake had landed on his rough, black nose.

The bear frowned.

”What’s the matter friend?” asked the hare as her ears drooped.

”Nothing I just need to hibernate now” replied the bear ” I will take you to your friends, so I can go and hibernate.”

The bear took the hare to his friends, who were wrapping Christmas presents, and left.

”But bear!” shouted hare

”Goodbye.” added bear.

The bear left the hare to go and hibernate…

Bear and Hare

It was a cold misty , misty morning. were the birds were cherping happily while they were heading to south. Suddenly 2 animals came walking by on the bumpy path there was 1 bear and 1 hare.They were best friends hare was having a fun, calm ride on bears fluffy , soft  back.

Then bear looked up to the sky. Suddenly, a snowflake landed on his black, shiny nose. Hare knew what was going to happen bear had to hibernate for 6 months.Hare was sad that bear had never seen Christmas or took part in it.Then bear walked away from hare and looked for a place to hibernate in.Later bear found a cozy place to sleep in for 6 months in a cave. While, bear was in a deep sleep hare went in the cave quietly and gave bear a gift. Quickly hare ran away without a sound. Hare gave him a alarm. Then the alarm rang and rang bear woke up and smiled he opend the gift that hare had gave him.

Bear got up and ran to hare. Hare looked back and ran to bear. Hare was very happy that bear took part in Christmas.

hare:”thankyou for coming bear this  is the best Christmas ever!”




bear and hare

I am using DAD for this pharagraph about the bear and the hare John Lewis Christmas advert.



In a forest full of life there was a gingerish,brownish bear ,who was best friends with a pale grey hare . The hare rode on the bear’s back . Slowly the bear rotated his head upward and the hare slid off. A single snow flake fell onto his nose. “Whats wrong,” questioned the hare.

“I…..I have to get ready to hibernate,” wimpered the bear.

“But you promised you would stay and not hibernate this year”moned  the hare

” I know but it is my animal instincts,”  said the bear in a anxious manor.

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