The bear and the hare

Deep in a glistening forest , where joys came to life , two friends forever lived . Trudging along a frosty pathway , a maroon bear slowly and very gradually made his way to his destination . Perched onto his back , a concrete grey hare dangerously balanced . As the bear gazed into the crystal clear , ocean blue sky , the hare landed on the ground with a thump !

“Hey ! Tell me why you did that ! ” demanded the hare , lifting his ear of his face .

” I am just checking what the weather is , ” explained the bear thoughtfully , ” hibernation for me is coming soon . ”

From the depths of the chalk white clouds , a snowflake fluttered delicately in the wind and landed on the bear’s coal black nose ! Without warning , he shuddered and stretched out , then gave out a huge yawn , as if he would give up anything to have one singleĀ rest . Drooping sadly , the hare’s long , sturdy ears fell to his back . A flock of cheerfull chirping birds pointed south and swooped over them in one blinding flash as a sad moment filled the air . Light streamed through certain gaps in the clouds , illuminating the evergreen trees surrounding an almost everlasting pathway .

” S-so doesn’t that m – mean that you’re g – going to s – sleep forĀ six months ! ” exclaimed the hare , tears filling his eyes .

” Exactly that , but I may last a little longer if I like , ” replied the bear sadly , as a wave of sadness sweeping over him ,” which means I won’t be able to celebrate christmas with you . ”

The wind continued blowing furiosly , as the hare memorized the last few words , which rolled out of the bear’s mouth like a scroll used for a playscript . Astonished , heartbroken , shocked , the hare’s heart missed a beat . He couldn’t believe his ears . This wonderful creature , who was his own best friend , was about to go into a deep sleep which would last for several months .


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