Bear and Hare

It was a cold misty , misty morning. were the birds were cherping happily while they were heading to south. Suddenly 2 animals came walking by on the bumpy path there was 1 bear and 1 hare.They were best friends hare was having a fun, calm ride on bears fluffy , soft  back.

Then bear looked up to the sky. Suddenly, a snowflake landed on his black, shiny nose. Hare knew what was going to happen bear had to hibernate for 6 months.Hare was sad that bear had never seen Christmas or took part in it.Then bear walked away from hare and looked for a place to hibernate in.Later bear found a cozy place to sleep in for 6 months in a cave. While, bear was in a deep sleep hare went in the cave quietly and gave bear a gift. Quickly hare ran away without a sound. Hare gave him a alarm. Then the alarm rang and rang bear woke up and smiled he opend the gift that hare had gave him.

Bear got up and ran to hare. Hare looked back and ran to bear. Hare was very happy that bear took part in Christmas.

hare:”thankyou for coming bear this  is the best Christmas ever!”




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