SSC Class Friday Morning

Good morning SSC class and welcome to fabulous Friday.

Here are today’s morning activities:


Each Friday we practise our multiplications, so that we can work towards achieving our bronze, silver or gold multiplication awards.

Gold Silver and Bronze Medals Winner Awards by lightgirl | GraphicRiver

Please complete the activities below:

Activity Room Group

Classroom Group

You can also practise your multiplication skills by following the link below. The Topmarks website has lots of fun, interactive maths games available.

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Our theme for Topic this term is ‘The World of Work’. Each week, we will be looking at different jobs from around the world, the past and the present, and discussing the skills they require.

World Of Work Week , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Job 1: Past and Present Jobs

Look at the six pictures:

Which jobs are from the past?

Which jobs are from the present?

Sort the jobs under the correct sub heading: past or present.

Challenge: Can you think of a job that might be needed in the future? Or how might one of our existing jobs change?

For example, will we always need delivery drivers, or will drones deliver parcels and food instead?

Write down the job and include a description.

For example: I don’t think we will need as many delivery drivers in the future because robots will be able to deliver our food. This will be a good thing because less cars mean less pollution for the environment, and drones will be much quicker than a driver.

However, if robots take over deliver drivers there will be less jobs for people, and some delivery drivers can make extra money from people ‘tipping’ them for a good service.

Job 2: What is an archaeologist?

Watch the learning video below to learn about the different skills an archaeologist needs.

I have also attached a video that describes an archaeologist in more detail, unfortunately we are not visiting the London museum as it states in the video.

Follow the link to learn all about Pauline the archaeologist and what skills her job requires.

There are two options of activity, but please complete both if you wish to do so.

Option One: Excavation.

In class, we will be experiencing what it is like to be an archaeologist by practising our excavation skills. Follow the step by step instructions below and complete the attached worksheet.

Remember to take care when searching your ‘site’ (cookie) for your artefacts ‘chocolate chips’.

Option Two: Artefacts Fact Sheet

Choose one of the three artefact fact sheets. Complete the questions about your chosen artefact.

The worksheet is just a guide; you can print the worksheet out and complete it; complete the worksheet on your home learning device; draw a picture of the artefact and write the answers to each question.

Have a great morning everyone, we can’t wait to hear about your historical finds!

The SSC Team

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