Year 1 – 15.1.21 Home Learning

Good morning Year 1, well done for completing another week of home learning. You are doing really well.

There will be a Google Meet at 10.15am where we will go through each of todays activities.


Phonics will be part of the Google Meet. The sound today is ‘oa’ as in ‘boat’.


English today is to read Oliver’s Fruit Salad by Vivian French. Once you have read it can you create your own fruit salad? Think about which fruit you like and what you would put in. Write a list of the fruits you need. Maybe you could make your fruit salad for your family to enjoy at lunch time. Here is a link to Oliver’s Fruit Salad on YouTube.


Maths today is to play the I Spy and Count to 20 sheet. This will help you learn to write teen numbers. You will need to use both sides of the sheet to find and count the superheroes. You will need to look very carefully as the sheet isn’t coloured. Once you have done this you can find objects in your house and write the number to match. This number must be more than 10 and less than 20 to practise your teen numbers.


This afternoon we would like you to get some fresh air and go on a winter walk. It has been very cold this week and there has been lots of snow recently. What signs of winter can you see? When you get back, create using collage materials or draw a picture of what you saw – trees, snow, robins etc.

There will be another Google Meet this afternoon at 1.45pm where we will have a quiz.

Remember to send your work to your class email address.

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