SSC Wednesday Afternoon Check In

Good afternoon everyone, we hope that you have had a good morning.

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


Please choose one of the two options for your cooking activity.

Option 1: St Andrew’s Day shortbread recipe.

Yesterday was St Andrew’s day. Watch the video to learn more about St Andrew’s day, and follow a delicious recipe to bake shortbread.

Option 2: Kitchen safety.

Today we are going to look at hazards in the kitchen.

Job 1: Watch this short YouTube video and count how many hazards you can identify.

Job 2: Draw a poster that shows people how to stay safe in a kitchen. You could include:

  • Good hygiene
  • Avoiding slipping or tripping in the kitchen
  • How to hold equipment safely
  • Safety equipment that should be used in a kitchen

Please take a picture of your poster and email it to the SSCgroup.

Challenge Box

This week, we are recapping what we know about the world’s continents. In the SSC we love learning about animals and know lots of different animal facts. There are many types of animals and species around the world, but which animals live in the different continents?

Animals of each continent

Can you research one of the seven continents and find an animal that lives there?

Find at least one photo of the animal and a picture of the continent it is from. Challenge: Can you write facts to describe the animal or its habitat?

Example of an animal and its continent.

We can’t wait to see what exciting animals you discover!

The SSC Team

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