SSC Wednesday Morning Check In

Good morning and welcome to wonderful Wednesday!

Here are the activities for this morning:


Today please write your words in rainbow writing.

All: Hour, Move, Prove, Improve

Challenge: Organisation, Education, Preparation, Location, Exaggeration, Concentration


Today each group will have different jobs to complete. Both groups will need to include all of the English non negotiables in their writing.

Classroom Group

For our Big Write we will be writing a first person description of a journey through a park using a three part structure. Yesterday, you found a picture for each part of the big write to help you plan your description.

Today, you will begin your big write by writing the first paragraph of your park description. Watch the video below and read the WAGOLL example of a park description.

Expanded Noun Phrase

Big Write Task Plan

Use the WAGOLL example and your big write task plan to write your first paragraph of a park description. The first paragraph needs to describe a park’s entrance from your point of view; use I to share what you see, hear and think on your journey through the park.

Activity Room Group

This week we are planning our Big Write linked to our class book ‘Voices in the Park’. For our Big Write we will be writing a description of a journey through a park.

Job 1: Journey through a park.

Think about what it is like in a park. What do you see when entering a park? What do you hear on a park’s playground? What is it like when you are leaving a park?

Can you explore two famous parks?

Follow the link to take a virtual tour of New York’s Central Park. The tour comes with an audio description, you can mute this by pressing the speaker on the right of the screen.

Central Park, New York

Watch the video to explore London’s Hyde Park.

Hyde Park, London

List two things that you can see in each park. List one thing that you might hear in each park. Complete the table below.

Job 2: Park description.

Today, we are going to begin writing our big write. We need to create a description of a park. Watch the video and listen to the WAGOLL park description. Think about what you need to include in your big write.

Adjective reminder

I have completed the beginning section, entering the park, as an example.

Write at least five adjectives for the middle and end picture.

Challenge Can you write a sentence that ends in an exclamation mark for the middle picture? Can you write a question sentence to describe the end picture?


Classroom Group

Please watch the video below. If there are any questions on this, please email Miss Allely on the SSC Group email address and she will go through it with you on the phone.

Activity Room Group

Have a great morning everyone,

The SSC Team

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