100 word challenge /king Sindo Chin banana and his life

On a sunny yellow  day a banana king who was called king Sindo Chin banana was snoring in his banana peel bed.Then suddenly he heard his guards shooting out side.As soon he came out to see there were dead apple warriors  on his lawn and his guards bowing at him because he is king.then he said “what happened guards?” one of them said “we had been attacked by king chew apple my king!” he replied “well then we need to be on look out until 7:40 am I  clear !” “yes my king “.After a while at the after noon he went to see his wife you was called queen Moseley Chin bannana.She was pregnant she was having twin girls called princess Ashley chin and princess Ayla banana.When the king went to see how his wife is going on he slipped on arrow so he stood back up and watch were he was going .Then he entered the room and the doctor said “your wife is going to have the baby in one week.” ‘okay.” the king replied then his wife said to him “i can’t wait to have them!” “me too!” then he went out of the room and shouted “gaurds i want this kingdom to be as safe as king Chew apple’s kingdom!” “yes sir!”.Then the king went to check his health at his royal health agent.After  9:50 he went to shave so of his hair at his barber that is also royal.Next at 1:30 he went to sleep for the next day.What will happen next? Read part 2 bye!

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