The haunted forest prank

Once apon a time there was a little ,small girl called Sophie and she lived with her warmhearted mum “Dear can u get some berries from the forest please,but be careful I heard some awful stuff happening “said mum.”eeeer I’m kinda scared ,but I will go for u “she said.She slowly crept when…….BOOM “wwhats that”she shivered. Suddenly a loud BANG coming from the trees.”HELP ME “she screamed, but no one awnsered  she heard a cackle coming from the tree next to her”HEHEHEHE”the ghost cackle . She ran and dropped her basked full of delicious  berries”HELP MUM” . When she got home she told her mum about everything  . Suddenly, a mysterious  knock was on the door “err….” . She opened the door and found her friend laughing . “What’s so funny”she asked . “Hehehe i pranked you that wasn’t real” . She was in such a raleaf  “you really scared me “said Sophie.

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