The secret….

In the long-lost land of Arizona, stood a large,green gate. Now you would think this gate is an ordinary gate, however it has a secret behind it…Many years back,centuries ago, were three ruby’s , ruby’s that when you looked at them your eyes burnt.They were beautiful and fitted right in the three holes of the gate.Now here’s the secret. Whenever you did a special knock, unicorns used to appear.Now, one day a hideous,old hag cautiously walked up to the eye-blinding rubies.Quite suddenly ,she realised someone was coming, so she hid behind the bush. This ordinary-looking man looked left then right and did the special knock.The old hag gasped silently ,as nearly known knew the knock, and did a quiet,evil laugh.When the unicorn appeared, the man hopped onto the unicorns back and flew into the air. As quick as lightning, the old hag stole the three rubies.It was said that the man never came back.3 years later, the old hag fitted them back to the gate to do the knock.Suddenly ,she turned to stone along with the three rubies.The moral of the story is to never steal even if knowone is watching.

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