Facts about water

Water is extremely important in this world , but there are also bad things about it .Here are a few facts about water , some are good and some are bad .


1.Water never disappears from earth .Well , it obviously would if you grabbed a lot of water , went into a spaceship and then dropped it into the air. But water actually is always either in the sky,in the river,on the floor and more.When you drink it doesn’t disappear.It goes into the the sewer,gets cleaned and drank again.


2.There is the same amount of water on Earth that there was when the Earth was formed .


3.90% of an apple is water .The only part of an apple that is not water is the skin and the core.


4.75% of the brain is water. If you do not have enough water , you will get a headache and your brain will not manage to function properly.


5.Water can maintain the Earth’s temperature.In the ocean , it can be below -30 degrees!


I hope you have found these facts interesting and enjoyable.If you want to see more,look at my Water Cycle blog.It is my homework blog.

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