A poem about a cat called Ted

One evening my cat

Decided to sit on the mat

I gave him a little pat

On his hat


I told him to rest his head

He said “I don’t want to go to bed !”

I said,”You silly Ted !”


And as Ted was awake that night ,

He had a thought that he just might ,

But his sleeping bag . . .

Was. Too. Tight .


Oh dear ,oh dear, oh no,

What is he going to do?

Maybe he should have a go,

At sleeping in a shoe .


But as he snuggled in that shoe,

He thought of an idea .

Maybe he should go upstairs

Because a spot was clear.


And as he travelled upstairs,

He noticed something else.

On one single stair,

There lay several pears.

And as he lay there munching,

He thought of the crunching,

And then forgot that he should go,

And sleep on his owner’s toe.

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