Why is water important? 6W Homework 16/11/16

Why is water important?

Water has many uses, one on many is to drink. But why should we be grateful that we have water?

We should be grateful for the water we have because no many people in countries like Africa have clean water at their disposal. It is said that humans each need up to 50 liters per day to keep clean, drink and cook food. However, the average African may only get up to 20 liters maybe less.

Another reason why water is so important is that an average human cannot survive over 3 days without some kind of liquid, preferably water.

Water also makes up for 75% of our body when we are born, and 66% as we grow older.

5 ways in which water is important

  1. 1. We need it to drink
  2. 2. We need it for cooking
  3. 3. We need it to keep clean
  4. 4. We cannot survive for more than 3 days without some
  5. 5. We need it to grow crops

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