What is the RSPCA ?

The RSPCA stands for the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals . It is a charity in England that promotes animal welfare . They rescue abandoned owlets , lost dogs , and much more .People can phone the RSPCA to report about an animal in danger that they have witnessed .


As well as saving animals , the RSPCA can give people pets that they have rescued . This is because the animals may not feel very comfortable in the RSPCA , and want a proper owner , or because they simply cannot take care of them any more .


The RSPCA can also help the animals by asking people to donate money . They can use this money to help buy food ,entertainment , and other different things that would benefit the needs of animals .They have a little site and it has a section saying ‘please donate’ . This proves that they really want to help raise money for animals .


Love Animals. Hate Cruelty. RSPCA Inspector checking on the welfare of a horse in the rain.

This is a picture showing a member of the RSPCA and a horse that they are probably taking care of .

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