One day there was a viking called Gruan. Everyday he got up and went outside, each day he would play with his friends.

But one day all the Vikings said we will invade Britain because we dont have any where to grow our crops and where we live now is to rocky. Graun did not agree with that.

Graun said he liked living where he was and had many friends.

Everyone ignored him and started making boats.

Each day ¬†Graun went to try and break the boats but guards pushed him away, he didn’t think that invading Britain was fair.

Eventually when all the Vikings had built there boats , everyone began to board them. They said people who don’t board now don’t get to come with us. Graun and his friends wouldn’t get on the boat.

The grown ups pushed them onto the boat. Graun was scared and angry. His bottom lip dropped and he began to cry, he shouted,but nobody listened.

When he looked about all his friends were on the boat and this made him feel happy.

When they got to Britain and began boarding off the boat there was some Anglo Saxons waiting to welcome them.

The Vikings killed them and all the other Anglo Saxons began fighting with the Vikings. The Vikings won and they began to build there own houses.A few months later they all had a house each. Graun sat and looked about to see if there was any Anglo Saxons around that had not been killed.

A little Anglo Saxon boy caught his eye in a nearby forest.

Graun run to him to make friends, the little boy began to run away but Graun shouted to him that he would not hurt him and liked everyone even Anglo Saxons. The boy came back and they talked for a bit. The little boy went in case the Vikings caught him.


They agreed to meet again. The little boy asked if Graun could bring him food next time. Graun said yes.They said goodbye.


They next met each other Graun brought him some food. All of a sudden a Viking was there and caught them. They told Graun to  kill him, but Graun said no he is my friend. They all tried to run and kill him. Graun protected him and helped him run away. They found a safe place and lived there forever.



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