The Viking Story

Hello my name is Mahnoor, and this is my house it is build from local material such as wood, stone or blocks of turf. I lived in long rectangular houses made with upright timbers. I got this special thing when I was a baby it was a little Thor’s-hammer charm, to protect me from evil spirits and sickness. I am a normal girl but I do a lot of work. The only time I write in my dairy is at night. This morning I went near the ocean and I saw a spot coming closer and closer who could it have been after a few seconds I heard voices coming louder and louder screaming “Charge”! and I got scared and I called for Help!. Before I could blink I saw my dad ringing  a bell and say “run for your life!”.

After I saw a lonely Northmen (Viking) I went near him I said “why aren’t you helping to fight” he said ” I don’t want to break people’s kingdom”. I said ” do you want to be my friend I’m a lonely daughter”. He said “Okay”. I told him ” we could stop the other Vikings breaking the Monesteries “. He replied “deal”. After a while I asked the nice Viking “what is your name?”. He replied ” James”. He asked me what’s my name is replied ” Mahnoor “. I asked James “would you like to have dinner with me”. He said “in this mess?”. I said “I can cook food”. After a whole 30 mins of eating food I asked him “Why do you Vikings like to come in people’s kingdom? “. He replied “to take over the Kindom”. I told him “He should have a rest “. So he went to bed.

I went and put the other Vikings toghter and told “them no need to fight don’t take over our kingdom  take you families here and we can build our world toghter”.They replied ” what about the money” ” I said what’s our money is yours”. They replied “Thank you”. They Sailed to get their family. While they where gone everyone gave me a chear. We  all fixed the monasteries the women all cooked the food and the men made houses. The children fixed the monasteries. After the Vikings came back with thier families and we all made new friends. I had A special friend James.



By Mahnoor’s Siddique


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