Yesterday,  in new Orleans an eye catching tornado destroyed residents houses and builders work sites,which leaves us with a tremendous disaster for residents to survive. Scientists say that people were to late of spreading the word ,so sadly some people had to surfer.


Yesterday afternoon, in new Orleans residents finally found out that a fast and furious tornado was shooting there way. With residents trying to spread the story, two people had to surfer more than anyone else while the tornado hit. There names were Morris Lessmore and a cycleist named Jhon west. Jhon west says that”while struggling for help he was smashed onto hotel letters and getting smacked on the face with ink all over his face”.Morris Lessmore said that” while twisting and turning  on a lampost and swirling around the tornado he crazily jumped onto a house in the eye of the tornado spirling around the city just to save one book. Residents say that “Morris Lessmore  loves his books more than his life and he’ll do anything to save them”,but unfortunately all the words in his book were scattered all over the clear, dusty floor waiting to be cleaned from the cleaner.Will new Orleans and Morris Lessmore find hope again?


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