My writing holiday

During the holidays I didn’t  go anywhere did not do much. But i’m glad I stayed at home because that gave me the chance to write an awesome story to share and it goes like  this ……………….


Hi! I’m Rita Robinson your average teenage girl living with  Mrs and Mr Robinson (mum and dad) iv’e got a brother (annoying) a sister (super annoying) a grand dad (mega awesome) oh and I can wish for anything by asking a mirror! It all started when we moved into the new neighborhood and I went into my new bedroom but strangely there was already some furniture. There was a mirror nailed into the gloomy black and white wall. So for no reason at all i started to say I wish the school I go to is Bowker Vale Primary School and just by that I heard a call from downstairs “Rita, I want to discuss something with you!”

I went downstairs to see what mum wanted to discuss and guess what? My mum wanted me to guess what school she signed me up for and for my first guess I said Bowker Vale Primary School and my estimate was correct. I ran hastily to my bedroom and thought now that I have magic mirror what adventure  will be waiting for me in this strange  house ………………

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