My Winter Holidays.

Monday: On the first day me and my family went out to go shopping in town, as a result of this we came back at home at 4 o clock and we left at 11 am.Whilst shopping I saw a game that I was hoping to buy later on,but since I saw it there I decided to buy it.We also ate food in KFC.Four about four days I was really addicted to the game that I got i felt happy when playing it. Sunday:On Sunday we went out to a park near our house to play football unfortunately it got dark really quick so we decided to go back home.Our car was not working properly,we had wait until Thursday to get it back. Thursday:On Thursday before the first day of new year we celebrated with the whole family and cousins and uncles and aunties by eating food together and having fun to celebrate new year.At 12oclock we went out to see fireworks we which lasted for about 10 min I felt great looking at fireworks wondering about what will happen next year lots of question went through my head.We came home at 1oclock to finally sleep. I have had a lot of fun during my holidays and the best part was when looking at the fireworks and wondering about the future.The only part I was a bit bored at was when me and my family were shopping because my mum did not stop to look at things to buy until it was time to eat.

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