My Christmas

This year  for Christmas I went to my Grandparents to celebrate. I went on Christmas eve to my Grandparents and I was super excited for the day ahead. It was so hard to sleep when Christmas is just tomorrow. As the hours went by finally got some shut eye. Whilst I was asleep my parents came with the turkey and our presents. It was about 9:00 in the morning and very person in the house was doing something like wrapping the presents, preparing the turkey and lots more. My Dad was putting the turkey into the oven and then we all settled down in the living room and me and my brother started opening our presents. I was really looking forwards to opening my Lego set and Monopoly Manchester edition. Whilst the turkey was cooking we all played a game of Monopoly and guess who won ? Me!!! The turkey was nearly done so I decided to set out the table. ( With a little bit of help.) It was finally time to have our feast. We all tucked in. The turkey was delicious. The day was almost over, but i thought that i had a great Christmas.

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