Into The Forest

UOnce there was a boy who missed his dad. He was going through sleepless nights, thinking about his dad most of the time. One day, his Mum gave him medicine to send to his Gran. Upset, the poor boy obeyed his Mother and set ou into the dark and gloomy forest.

As he went into the forest, ideas were swimming in his head. Why was Grandma ill?What did she have? Was it serious? Horrifyingly, as he walked through, several twigs snapped. SNAP…SNAP…SNAP… “I’m terrified! he trembled. “Terrified because there are mysterious sounds!” Sprinting as fast as a cheetah, the horrified child looked around for his Granny’s house.

Out of nowhere, a vicious terrifying owl swooped down at him and wrapped it’s sharp talons around Granny’s medicine.”Get…off…Now!” he roared. Anxious, terrified, shivering – would he survive this confusing adventure?

A while later, a tiny bungalow came in site – it was Granny’s house! And standing outside was … his dad!

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