Into the forest

One dark,spooky night a boy called Tom lay in bead feeling worried about the thunder and lightening outside. Jack was really tired, so he fell asleep. The next day he got up and went for his breakfast. After that he got told to go to his grandmas and take a basket, that had tablets in it. Of he went walking through the desolate, gloomy forest. He could see a strange kid with a cow in the distance. The boy began shouting “do you want my cow?”
Tom replied “no it’s okay you keep your cow” He past the boy and started to see two pore children sat underneath a mammoth tree Tom began saying “are you okay” the two children just
egnored him, so carried on walking down the path. In the distance he saw a girl stood behind a tree looking suspicious. The girl looked at Toms basket and asked “what’s in your basket”
Tom replied “just some tablets for my grandma”he set of again in the distance he saw a bright, shing cout in the distance, so he ran over to it and put it on. And despite taking for ever he got eventually. He gave grandma a big hug and said ” hears your basket full of tablets.
Toms grandma said ” thank you” when he got to his grandmas house he saw his dad and ran up to him and hugged. They both walked home and went in the house

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