Into the forest

It was already past midnight, when a mighty storm reached jack’s house. It has woke jack up, but even when it past, he couldn’t sleep. He remembered his dad. He couldn’t get him out of his head. His dad has went away,who knows where, and Jack just wanted him back, but in the end he has fallen in to a deep sleep.                                                                                                                    The next morning, his mum told him to carry a basket to his grandma, who was really seek and also worried about Jack’s dad. He didn’t argou, he just went on his way.”which way was it, mum?” Jack asked,as he sore two paths, not one.”Left!” She answered,but jack did not not hear her, and so,instead, he went, right…                                                                                                    The woods did not seem at all friendly. The branches seemed to reach out to the middle, and trie an grab him. On his way, he met an unkind girl.she loughed at he’s clothing.” Haha!!!” she laughed at he’s clothing, but she didn’t release, that Jack sneaked away…                                                                                         He also met a poor boy, Jack and the bean stalk, that’s were he knew the boy from. The boy was tring to sell an cow, but Jack had no money, so he said he’s sorry , and went on…                            On the way, he found an magic cloac, and he was more than pleased to put it on.nit led it on his way. At the end, he reached he’s grandmas,and woke up. It was an dream. He run down stairs and sore that his dad was Home!!!



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