Year 6 – The Tunnel

Our new book, The Tunnel – by Anthony Browne, explores the relationship between a brother and sister and the adventure they have.

In order for the children to write their own stories based upon The Tunnel, we created a tunnel of their own so they could explore and get inspiration for their writing.


6M – remembering the soldiers

On Friday 9th November, we visited Blackley Forest to participate in a short ceremony to remember the soldiers who have fought for us.

Some of the children in 6M had written some powerful poems, which they wanted to share with all those who joined us on this special morning.

Their writing highlighted the sacrifices the soldiers made, the struggles they faced and how grateful we are for everything they did for us.

Their poems will be kept and displayed for the next 12 months in a memory book, which will be found at our memorial bench in Blackley Forest.




6M WW1 memorial clay modelling

6M have been exploring WW1 memorials during topic lessons. They have studied and evaluated the qualities that an effective memorial has.

Using what they have learned, they have gone on to design what they think would be a fantastic memorial. They have explored different materials and methods, and decided that clay would be the most effective material to work with.

They thoroughly enjoyed creating and modelling their clay memorials.



All about sharks

Sharks are a very incredible animals.Sharks hunt down there pray by swimming rapidly behind them.Like other sharks, the skin of a Great White is very tough and studded with tiny, tooth-like scales called “dermal denticles”. Dermal denticles protect the skin from damage and are replaced continually. Each individual denticle has a flat, table-like crown that has a series of raised ridges. These ridges reduce the drag and noise generated by a shark’s swimming movements, enabling the Great White to glide efficiently in ghost-like silence.The eyes of a Great White are relatively large and well developed. The retina (light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eyeball) of this species contains both rods and cones in a similar ratio to that of humans (about 4 to 1). This suggests that the Great White is highly visual and has acute color vision. Although different parts of its retina are adapted for bright and dim light conditions, it is believed that the Great White is primarily a daytime hunter.The sharks are very intelligent just like squids

Into the forest

Late at night a thunder storm hit Manchester and then jack woke up . He went down stares and stayed up all night .

In the morning when every one was awoke jacks mum told him to go to his granny’s to give her soup because she was ill so then jack set whist shivering

Ahead he saw a forest he went through it because he thought it was the way to his granny’s . He want through…

As soon as he got through he met a strange girl and she screamed

Jack and his gramma

Boom crash bang,as a terrible,tragic storm hit Manchester…..”I am petrified help me,” whispered Jack,while covering himself with the bed cover and as the moon shone up on him.

The next day, Jacks mum told him to go to grandma’s house because she was poorly, to give some goodies to her.”Ok” replied Jack and grabbed the basket and cautiously opened the door to not wake up his dad.

“Ohhhhhhh,” said jack “which way should I go”,as he chose the dangerous way into the forest. As Jack was walking, a black figure glided past him “What was that?”Why did I go this way?”As he started to run but the figure was right behind him……


Into the forest!

One thundery night a storm broke out and Jeff was terrified ,he was gobsmacked when the thunder shook the building.The next morning Jeffs mother sent him to give some food to his poorly grandma.

Wich way should I go?Thought Jeff to himself,so then he went right after 10 minutes of walking he saw a figure in the distance who could it be?

She looked familiar,it was goldilocks.Then she came up to him and started looking him in the eye then Jeff started ignoring her and just ran away from her.

Next Jeff found Jack from jack and the beanstalk.Jack started talking and eventually I ran of.Then Jeff found an red coat hanging on a tree and now he could see his grandmas house .Now it had started snowing so Jeff put the coat on and ran to his grandmas and hugged her.

                                         By Hayan